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How to correct her hair

by Malaysian Hair

● Wash your hair before hair disheveled self-inflicted. Hat, high winds, or wake up will make the hair becomes messy. If you wash your hair was a mess before, it will be more chaotic after washing. So, before the inevitable first shampoo to make hair smooth. ● hair tips to spend time with the comb teeth sparse at the messy hair and knotted comb shun place. Shu Qi from the end of the hair, and then to the hair root, until it can be very smooth to comb from the hair root to the tail. Do not start comb from the root. ● The method of wet hair from the top wet hair with plenty of water, allowing water to flow down the hair, it is best to use shower nozzle; or kettle equipped with a large amount of water; if using the basin, it is best to let a friend to help, not to the entire hair soaked into the basin. ● Never plate from hair to hair on the head, they will be 100000 tail crowded together, it would damage the scalp surface from all directions. There is a lot of intense friction will make the hair very messy and vulnerable to a lot of damage. ● shampoo instead of hair rarely appear in the laundry situation, especially dirty, gently make foam, do not rub the hair, rinse carefully with your fingers stroking, keeping the hair straight. ● insist conditioner with conditioner is an important part of maintaining healthy hair. Wet hair friction, easy to chaos, easily pulled injuries. The best way is to let the wet hair smooth with a conditioner, even if your shampoo is a combo type. To painted hair when using hair conditioner, preferably with a different hair root hair conditioner. Often for different brands of hair conditioner stronger than with a particular brand of hair conditioner. ● correct rinse conditioner rinse the conditioner to keep hair vertical wash, so it is no longer messy hair. ● learned when dry hair dry hair, do not Chela hair. Try to use two towels, the first to absorb most of the water, the second hair dry. Coarse towel rub the hair will extremely damaging hair. Use hot towel dry hair (feeling good), starting from the hair with your fingers stroked the hair open. Finally, gently comb teeth sparse hair comb along, carefully hair dryer, begin slowly, blow away moisture. So your hair will revitalized.

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