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Due to the different causes of hair loss, so choose care products and other therapeutic products, also we need to symptomatic selection. Androgenic alopecia 1. pomade more, the choice of family forest hair gel, the product of pure natural extracts, can penetrate the hair follicle, improve the scalp environment, with clean scalp, removing the effect of oil pollution, especially for hair oil the higher number. 2. dandruff, dry hair, the choice of picking crumbs Lu Lin family, this product contains natural extracts, improve hair nutrition environment, clean scalp, removing dirt, with strong bactericidal, dandruff, itching action against dandruff and more, scalp itch person. 3. dandruff hair oil and small, could use PA-extra amino acids were care treatment shampoo treatment, the American cockroach shampoo contains extracts and amino acid composition, exposure can prevent DHT hair follicles and promote hair growth. Seborrheic alopecia seborrheic alopecia hair pomade mainly on the basis of excessive secretion causes, treatment key is to reduce and remove excess hair oil, can be used Lin family has a deep effect to oil hair care treatment were exposed . Alopecia areata alopecia areata hair loss is mainly due to the scalp plus local endocrine disorders caused by bacteria and other outside recommended mining debris Lu Lin family or PA-extra repair care shampoo treatment carried out.

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