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Hair dye wash have the recipe

by Administrator

Our heads 3000 strands of worry, in addition to the trend according to age, reason a popular hairstyle hot outside, but also to love and care for them. Hair essential secret hair, has been a popular enduring hair fashion, hair necessary here to teach you the recipe secret. Before the hair, to use a simple method to test the hair effect. You can put a handful of cut hair, put hair cream and mix the reagent container, and so the hair color (about 25-45 minutes), the hair wash and drying, then hair can see results. If the hair is dyed later found too dark, do not worry too much, because after a few wash hair, hair color will gradually fade, brighten, if still not satisfied, but to wait until the new hair grow out, and then choose a more bright colors. To think while perm and hair of friends, hair expert advice is that it is best to burn and then dyed, preferably two weeks after the hair perm. If you can not wait to be on just hot hair dyeing, at least 48 hours are needed, it will not hurt the hair. One might think that the hair must first be cleaned before the hair, it is not correct, because if scratch the scalp shampoo, hair dye may irritate the scalp, not to mention remaining on the hair shampoo also affect hair effect. So you only need to comb out the hair spray on the line, if too much hair gel, rinse with clear water is sufficient. Note shampoo shampoo also points to note. Wash your hair, make sure my hair smooth, very smooth until you can put the hair from the hair root hair tail comb to date, there are knotted part must comb along, Do not pull hard pull. Wash your hair, you should use plenty of water from head to hair, his head wet, let the water flow along the hair. When using the shampoo basin, do not write the entire head immersed in the basin. Most people's hair will not be dirty, so long as gently to produce foam like, without forced scrub. Wet hair friction, in order to avoid chaos pull hair or scalp hurt, it is best to use hair conditioner, even painted the hair root and hair, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Hair experts say, often switch to a different brand of shampoo, conditioner effect will be better than the long-term use of a single brand. Rub the hair, it is recommended to use two towels, a first dry most of the water, then another hair dry. Rub the hair, not vigorously rub the head. After dry, lightly along my hair, then blow-dry the hair carefully, so after every shampoo, hair will be able to re-energize.

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