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Wash your hair a few days time?

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Some people think that the number of shampoo can make hair more smooth; others believe that the number of shampoo more damage to the hair. It should be said that two views are not comprehensive. Hair cycle suitable or not, depending on the nature of the hair. Life there are a lot of people every two or three days to wash hair, thinking that it will make the hair clean. However, more often wash dandruff more, but as long as two or three days without washing it unbearable itching. The reason is that they do not understand the nature of their hair, so counterproductive. A protective film on the hair shampoo too frequently makes formed by the accumulation of sebaceous gland damage, some useful substances but also to wash up. Such shampoo repeatedly promoted the role of metabolism, but metabolism of too fast, but also make dandruff. Whether oily hair, sandy hair, or soft hair, by their nature should adopt different methods and frequency of shampoo. Oily hair wash once every 5-6 days is appropriate. Dry hair, namely sofas and soft hair best 7-8 days to wash once (spring and autumn), if washed too often and even make the hair brittle, dry, brown and sometimes seem bleak. This is because the dry hair was a dearth of oil, the result is to wash the hair only a little fat but also to completely washed off. Hair due to long-term lack of moisture and become their own fat dry fat coke. Such hair in the summer can be 5-6 days to wash once in the winter, or even 10 days to wash once, washed also rub some pomade to hair.

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